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  • Coal anthracite (joint stock company) fraction of 25-100 mm
Coal anthracite (joint stock company) fraction of 25-100 mm
  • Coal anthracite (joint stock company) fraction of 25-100 mm
  • Coal anthracite (joint stock company) fraction of 25-100 mm

Coal anthracite (joint stock company) fraction of 25-100 mm

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Country of manufacture:Kazakhstan


Grade: AKO Fraction: 25-100 mm (fist nut) Existence: Is available  

We offer perfect anthracite a fist quality nut with fraction of 25-100 mm. Breed underwent enrichment at factory, is cleared of impurity and dust. Is suitable for solid propellant coppers with manual loading. Depending on quality of material, heating capacity fluctuates from 6600 to 8700 kcal/kg that is much higher, than at natural gas. AKO coal is more often applied as power fuel at the municipal enterprises. Besides, its use is expedient at the plants and productions, in boiler rooms of budgetary organizations and furnaces in private cottages.

Qualitative characteristics:

  • Amount of volatile compounds no more than 4,5%;
  • Ash-content within norm of 8%;
  • Sulfur of 1%;
  • Moisture no more than 5%.

The brand anthracite is the most qualitative coal making only 3% of all world reserves of solid fuel. In Ukraine it is got in the Donbass mines. Differs in high extent of carbonification with the content of carbohydrates to 97%. It allows to burn to fuel without formation of a flame, at the same time smoke and a smell is not formed. After combustion there is a minimum quantity of ashes. Are suitable for use in solid propellant coppers and furnaces with good draft. Coal anthracite nut fist the mixed grade that allows to be in the lead in indicators of a thermolysis and time of burning. It will allow to buy much smaller amount of fuel, to be necessary as a result less than the area for storage of minerals.

Anthracite a fist nut is easily transported on long distances, does not demand special conditions for storage. There is no spontaneous ignition threat.

Coal delivery at a discount to your region

Energopalivo's company suggests to wholesale anthracite a fist nut large and small, and also at retail for domestic needs of the population. The price for ton can change, depending on the size of party and a type of anthracite. Separately there is cost of delivery which will depend on a way of transportation. We ship from a warehouse in Kharkiv and we guarantee exact weight. It is possible to order from a half of a bag.

Country of manufacture:Kazakhstan
Information is up-to-date: 13.02.2018

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